Who is Real Water™?

Team Real Water™ Bios

We want to thank you for spending the time to see who we are here at Real Water™. Below, you will find the biographies of members of Team Real Water™. As you get to know us, it is our hope that some day we will in turn get to know you. We realize that it is you, our customer or fellow business person that will help make Real Water™ a true success, so again thanks.


Real Water Southern Utah

Barry has grown several companies to tremendous success. He has a passion for health and fitness and is committed to the success of Real Water. He believes Real Water will make an enormous impact and benefit millions of people across the globe.


Chairman of the Board of Directors

Over the past few years, Brent has assisted in the creation of a number of companies from idea, through the initial start-up funding, and finally, for some of them, becoming publicly traded. These companies include: Light Point Systems, Inc., a solar provider for hand held electronics; Outwest Entertainment, Inc., an entertainment company that featured memorabilia of Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra, with original artists such as Country Western start T.G. Sheppard; ANTEK International, Inc., an advanced coatings company; HospiTel, Inc. (now Alaris Corporation), developer and marketer of disposable phones for hospitals and multimedia promotions; and New Era Technologies, Inc., a high tech pollution reduction company (New Era has since been merged with other companies).

Brent is a licensed attorney. He received his Juris Doctor from Pepperdine University School of Law and his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance and Real Estate from California State University, Northridge. In 1995, while practicing law, he was voted the Best Attorney by the Business

Digest - a Ventura County Business newspaper.

Prior to becoming an attorney, Brent’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident when he co-founded; Yummies™, a frozen Yogurt shop; SnagIt™, a Velcro football catch game; and Vital Energy™, a natural energy booster, sold to convenience stores throughout the U.S.

Brent will continue to use his past business experience and entrepreneurial drive to make Real Water™ a tremendous success. View Brent’s extended biography



Member of the Board of Directors (Div 7)
Owner of BVI, Inc. – Exclusive Distributor of Real Water™ in Southern California (Div 6)

Demetrius with Kyle Massey of
Disney’s Cory in the House at
the 2008 Image Awards

Demetrius is President and majority owner of BVI, Inc., a distribution company that provides Real Water deliveries to businesses, corporations and non-profit organizations. He consults regularly with executives from a variety of fields to help create synergistic solutions to world-impacting water quality problems.
Born April 19, 1969, Demetrius was raised in Los Angeles, California, attend Fremont High School and played high school sports. After High School, he attended El Camino College in Torrance, CA where he played college football and majored in Physical Education. Prior to his current position, he was an entrepreneur, leading his own private corporations in California. Demetrius now lives in Manhattan Beach, California.
Demetrius has been honored with the 2003 Coach Of The Year award for youth sports coaching in football, and also coaches youth basketball in the South Bay Area.


Member of Board of Directors (Div 7)
Executive Vice President of Distributor Development (Div 6)

After attending San Diego State University and playing Division I baseball for 3 years, Frank received his real estate license in 1986. He specialized in commercial leasing and development and was instrumental in co-developing, consulting and designing several shopping centers throughout Las Vegas, including several PT’s Bar & Grills, Rancho Pines and Ann Road Leggett Shopping Center. In the early 1990's, Frank started selling large apartment communities, which eventually led to institutional sales of apartment communities, shopping centers, office buildings and automobile dealerships. Due to his work ethic and professionalism, in 2003 Frank was recruited by PT Corporation and hired as their Executive VP in charge of all their construction, developments, acquisitions, dispositions and financing.

Realizing he needed to go out on his own, in mid 2005, Frank formed Sunbelt Arizona, LLC. He then quickly acquired and sold over 1100 acres of land in Arizona. Currently, Frank holds real estate in Utah, Nevada, Idaho and Arizona. Frank did so well in real estate investment and development that he retired at the young age of 42 in 2006.

Realizing that he needed a challenge, when Frank learned about the positive benefits and potential of Real Water™, he decided to come out of retirement and work full time as Real Water™’s Executive Vice President of Distributor Development. Frank says, “I have never worked so hard in my life, but I am absolutely loving it.” Frank will continue using his “can do” energy and perseverance to help make Real Water™ a household name throughout the country.


Member of the Board of Directors (Div 7)



Vice President of Communication and Marketing Establishment (Div 1)
Sales and Promotion (Div 2)
Owner of VAS Investments

Shannon started her professional career as a model and actress. However, she soon realized that her true talents and ambitions centered upon the marketing and entrepreneurial side of business. She started working in real estate and commercial real estate appraising. Not being one to watch others make a lot of money, she started investing in real estate herself and acquired and sold numerous properties throughout Southern Nevada and Arizona.

With her self created wealth, she then ventured into tradition business where she developed her own line of energy drinks – Pure Liquid Energy. With the knowledge she gained creating her own drink line, she started private labeling energy drinks for other customers such as Smash Dance Studio, Mercedes Benz and the Emerald Dream Ball (the largest private 2008 New Year’s Eve party in Las Vegas which was featured on national television). In addition to energy drinks, Shannon also private labeled custom high end and low end waters. She also developed a line of herbal teas and the Mellow Relaxation Drink.

Coinciding with her numerous functional beverages, Shannon also designed and built a prototype for a unique fitness equipment line. She was about to go to market with her fitness equipment when she learned about Real Water™ and the E2 Technology™. Knowing the “business” as well as she does, she quickly realized that Real Water™ was going to be a tremendous success and decided to dedicate her energies marketing and promoting Real Water™. With her fitness equipment line and private label beverages on hold, Shannon is now completely free to devote all her knowledge and talent to help Real Water™ become a nationally recognized brand.


Vice President of Operations
Treasury (Div 3)
Delivery (Div4)
Qualification (Div5)

Since he was a young boy, Blain has helped his dad, Brent, by contributing to the family businesses. He has always shown enthusiasm and competence beyond his years to get tasks completed. Realizing that he wanted to continue and follow in his father’s footsteps, after graduating from High School, Blain enrolled in college to learn more about business. He continues to attend college in Southern Nevada while he works at Affinity. With his father’s mentorship, native intelligence and drive, Blain has taken on enough responsibility to become Vice President of Operations. He worked his way up from the bottom (literally sweeping floors and loading pallets) and now makes sure the business is delivering Real Water™ consistently and on time with increasing volume.

Vice President of Distributor Services (Div6)

Jason has had sales and marketing in his blood since he was very young. At the age of 16, he won a sales competition winning a special award for raising more money for his high school than anyone else in the nation. He went on to be the top producer for the largest Credit Card Processing Company in the nation (top 5 % of all sales reps).

During his tenure at a multi-national philanthropy organization, Jason was recognized as the top disseminator/sales person in the world 3 years in a row. His efforts resulted in the raising of many millions of dollars to carry out campaigns to help people get off drugs, improve morality, family values and live an overall happier life.

Jason is now focusing his efforts to help people to become healthier and happier through the marketing of our amazing product, REAL WATER™.


Executive Assistant, Brent A. Jones/Establishment Manager (Div1)

Sales and Promotions Manager (Div 2)

Robert has a true passion for entrepreneurship, along with the gifts of motivation and tenacity.  These strengths have enabled him to make his dreams become reality. Robert has a solid corporate work history, including being a Senior Loan Officer with a major national bank where he earning the distinction of a top 25 producer. 

However, the “Real Story” is what he has accomplished outside the traditional corporate work environment.  He started his first business when he was in high school.  It was a Reggae music magazine called Ongoing Publications.  The magazine quickly attracted subscribers from all over the world, and as owner, writer and publisher of the magazine he was able, at a very young age, to meet every performing artist he ever wanted to meet!

Robert then followed another passion and created Off Road Boarding Company, which was a board manufacturer for a new all terrain board sport. Although Robert never became World Campion in off road boarding, he did come in 2nd place for two years in a row on his own boards.  He also held the top spot in the West for many years.

Now Robert has found a new passion and is focusing all his energies on helping Real Water become a household name.  With his drive and tenacity, he is a valued member of the Real Water™ family and will make this dream become a reality!

Treasury Manager (Div3)
Qualifications Manager (Div5

Cari has always been very self motivated from an early age.  Her talents are evident by her rapid success in college.  She knew what she wanted and quickly achieved it.  She graduated from Moorpark Community College with an Associates Degree at the age of 17. Then she attended Cal State University Northridge and received her Bachelors Degree in Film Production at the age of 19.  When most kids were just graduating from High School, Cari had already earned a Bachelors degree and was quickly applying her newly acquired skills at various major film Studios in and out of the country as a Sound Mixer.

However, as time progressed, she realized that she had larger ambition and she put her attention on business.  First, she became a certified Tax Preparer and now she is taking additional college classes in advanced business principles. 

Cari is utilizing her business skills in Real Water’s Treasury Department and as the Staff Training Officer and Quality Control Officer.  Her future plans are to keep the company viable and solvent and see the Real Water™ product expand on a massive scale.

Production & Delivery Manager (Div 4)

Richard has always had a sense of responsibility and great work ethic ever since he was a young boy. Perhaps some of these traits were acquired while attending famed Garfield High (Home of Jaime Escalante and Oscar de La Hoya) in East Los Angeles. At the age of 18 he moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. His first job was at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino as an inventory control clerk. It was at this world class resort that Richard acquired a strong foundation in warehouse management skills.

After a few years, Richard took a position with a smaller company - Chef Jays Food Products. At Chef Jays, Richard started out as a mixer and quickly worked his way up, within a mere 3 months, to production supervisor. Once established with Chef Jays, Jay Littman Owner of Chef Jays promoted Richard to Assistant Director of Operations and Research and Development Director. While at Chef Jays, Richard made dramatic changes to daily operations which included the product image and most significant was that he enhanced the product’s formulas. The enhancements resulted in a longer shelf life and a more flavorful product.

Richard joined Affinity in 2007 and was quickly promoted to Production Manager. Realizing the positive benefits of the Real Water™, he is very excited for the future.

Richard has two beautiful young girls, Jasmine who is 8 and Julie who is 4.

Distribution Services Manager (Div 6)

Amelia Kalani Luker grew up in a ski town, Park City, just outside of Salt Lake City Utah. Growing up she developed a strong work ethic and ambition with her passion for horses and the sport of equestrian jumping.

After schooling Amelia enjoyed a successful career in sales and marketing as a realtor.  Soon after moving to Las Vegas she learned of an opportunity with a great company.  Little did she know that within this company she would find so much.  Friends and a whole new life came to her as soon as she put a foot in the door.  

She is now putting her ambition, work ethic and sales and marketing experience into her new passion, Real Water™.

Demonstration Officer (Div 2)