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What is Real Water™? 

Real Water™ is a purified water that has a special treatment at the end of the purification process called the E2 Technology™.  E2 stands for Electron Energized and that is what the E2 Technology™ does, it adds electrons to the water through electrical restructuring.  This makes Real Water alkalized and makes it a powerful antioxidant that hydrates the body very well on a cellular level.  The negative ionization can be measured in millivolts (mV) by an Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) meter.

How is Real Water™ made?  

Real Water™ starts with municipal water that is approved by the Southern Nevada Health District, Washington County Water Conservancy District and the City of St. George and regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for human consumption.  This water has between 80 to 700 parts per million (ppm) of total dissolved solids (tds) when it starts the purification process.  The water is then run through seven different purification processes.

 They are:

1) The water is first softened by passing it through a resin bed;


2) It is then passed through a charcoal filter to remove

dissolved contaminants;

3) It is then run through a double stage reverse osmosis system. (After this stage, the water has total dissolved solids (tds) of about 5-8 ppm);

4) It is then run through a de-ionizing bed that removes any latent dissolved ions;

5) It is next passed through an Ultra Violet (UV) light sanitizing unit to kill any potential bacteria;

6) It is passed through an ozone chamber to further kill any possible bacteria (The ozone fades out after a few minutes);

7) Finally, it is passed through a 1 micron filter to remove any remaining particles or bacteria.


It is after these seven purification steps that we treat the water with our E2 Technology™ which adds in trace amounts of magnesium and potassium.

After the water is bottled in a clean room and ready to drink, it has between 15 to 20 ppm tds.  So, it is very pure water that is alkalized and maintains a negative ionization or negative ORP.  Real Water™ does not contain any heavy metals or other contaminants.

Note: as part of the bottling process, in addition to internal quality control measures, the water is randomly tested on a weekly basis by Sierra Environmental Monitoring, Inc., an independent laboratory, for any adverse or negative anomalies in the water.

Why is the E2 Technology™ so special? 

The Japanese have been making alkalized and negative ionized water for about 30 years.  They call it “Kangen Water” which means return to origin.  The Japanese have documented the many health benefits of Kangen Water and a simple Internet Google search will provide the extensive research and studies.  They believe that alkalized and negative ionized water is an integral part of their preventative health care and maintenance.  So much so, that many Japanese hospitals utilize the Kangen Water within their treatment protocols.

Real Water™ has the same beneficial properties as Kangen Water, alkalized and negative ionization, with one tremendous advantage.  Real Water is stable, whereas Kangen Water loses its benefits within two days.  So, the E2 Technology™ allows Real Water™ to be bottled and sold in stores, whereas with Kangen, you must buy an expensive machine to make the water “on demand.” This water is then unstable enough to lose its ionization within two days.

Note: Real Water™ does not make any health claims because it is illegal to do so in the United States.  That is why we recommend that you do a quick Internet search to learn about the powerful and numerous benefits of alkalized and negative ionized water.  Also, there are many books written on the subject of alkalizing one’s body.  These include: Alkalize or Die by Dr. Theodore A. Baroody;  Reverse Aging by Sang Whang; and The pH Miracle for Weight Loss by Dr. Robert O. Young.



How was Real Water™ discovered? 

Real Water™ was discovered by a scientist that has a number of patents and has been discovering technologies for the past 20 years.  About 6 years ago, a couple came to him from Russia and asked for his help in a project they were starting here in the US, specifically Las Vegas, Nevada.  The Russian couple had the electrolysis technology from Russia that split water into 1) acidic with very positive ORP, and 2) alkaline with very negative ORP.  They wanted to use the 1) acidic with positive ORP water to kill bacteria in fountains.  There are a lot of fountains in Las Vegas.  It was a great solution to the algae problem.  For various reasons the business didn’t take off and when the couple decided to move onto other projects, the inventor bought the electrolysis machines and started using them in his various projects.  He was aware of the problem with stability and then one day he saw that the solution he was working with held for more than 2 days.  He quickly went over his notes and started backing things out of the solution.  After about 3 months of diligent effort, he identified how he was able to stabilize the negative ORP.   How exactly he did it is now the trade secret for the E2 Technology™.

What Real Water™ is NOT! 

Real Water is a very pure and ultra hydrating water.  Real Water is NOT a food, mineral water, electrolyte, sugar, protein source, salt or sport or energy drink.  Because it is so hydrating and flushes toxins through one’s body so quickly, it is important that during extreme physical activity, that one should also maintain sufficient nutrition to keep the body supplied with all required nutrients for optimal performance.  Since one’s body will work more efficiently with Real Water, it may also require more nutrient intake. Affinity recommends such a product referred to as the Sea Energy/Powermax Formula that can be found on our Affinity Lifestyles' website.

Why should I drink Real Water™? 

Real Water is the choice for you if you want to:

1) Move your body to an alkalized state by removing acidic toxins

2) Take in an abundance of antioxidant electrons to neutralize harmful free radicals

3) Experience cellular hydration like never before with the proprietary E2 Technology.  Simply put, Real Water is the only alkalized, antioxidant water with stable negative (-) ions on the planet.  You will taste and feel this difference!